Was at her concert and took photos tuesday.  This was one of the best concerts I […]
Yes!!! Fleetwood Mac is coming to Stockholm in October!! I´ll be there! Song of the evening: […]
Saturday, means do what you want. Beautiful winterweather. Wine, good food and Merlin with Daniel. Some […]
Soon spring, that means a lot of upcoming conserts. White Snake is coming to Gröna Lund […]
Book Club We have now had our 2nd gathering with good food and good discussions. The […]
On my way to work one morning this week I heard on the radio this guy […]
I saw this movie Searching for Sugar Man. Its a great movie. Must be seen! You […]
Having a great company today. He gets a little irritated when Im trying to write..He prefer […]
I got this new 4 h job in february. On Valentines day. Yeay! Its for an […]
  Song of the day : Leave the light on by Beth Hart (not from the […]
2012-12-29 I have now a list of things that I want and I also needed to […]
2011-12-31 GOTT NYTT ÅR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ********************************************************* 2011-12-09 Found a picture on a website. The photo on the […]
"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere" Albert Einstein
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