Soon spring, that means a lot of upcoming conserts. White Snake is coming to Gröna Lund in June Thats a must! With or without the Nikon.Bon Jovi in May.Thats a maybe. Perhaps if I can shoot. Amanda Jenssen, Sting, Bullet for my Valentine, CrashDïet Slash is alos coming to Bandit Rock Award. Then there are 3 big festvals Sweden Rock and Peace & Love as usually and now a new festival in Norrköping. Bråvalla.Maybe go there this year. Not so far away.

And Yes I managed the SDK Eye-Fi card to work with my camera and the computer. Not on internet mode but on direct mode. Works just fine for me this time.

Want to fly away. Just for a while. To a sunny and warm beach and a drink. Just for a day.


Flying to Gotland last summer.

Song of the day: Crucify the dead with Ozzy and Slash


"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere" Albert Einstein
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