I have now a list of things that I want and I also needed to prioritate them, which was very difficult. I really want it all NOW. 

1. A new Harddrive 

2. A new Lens 70-200, 2,8

3. StudioKit

4. Backgrounds

5. A new camera

All these things adds up to 75´ so I thought  it was best to start  check off  the list already today. 

No 2 .  A new lens to my happy photo family. Im not sure but the other might be a bit cranky.(the other lenses I mean..)For the competition.

Its a heavy peace. 1.7 kg

Christmas been here and gone and next New Years Eve. I have had a few days off and had a little time for my website among things.  I have also got time to structure up all maps with all pictures. A boring but necessary part. Tomorrow me and Ella will shoot some photos of her with the red/black long eyelashes I bought. We´ll see if we can do some cool makeups. I hope I can buy the Studio Kit soon. The battery only weights 2 kg. Its really great if you want to be mobile. I will have it home as well. Im thinking to buy some paper backgrounds. But what colors should I have? White? black? Grey?  And the new camera. Nikon D800. Oh I really want it NOW.

Got an idea for a book. Not an usual book. A book with surprises !Yeah and the Idea grows! 

I need to collect more.

Everything is possible. The sky is the limit 

 Song of the day: Tomorrow by Sixx:AM

Gott slut 



Songs of the day: Wicked Game by HIM & I will find you by Clannad 

I saw Bourne Legacy last night. This I really can recommend. I just love the Bournefilms. 

Totally my kind of films !!  


Tomorrow work and meetings in Kista. In the evening im invited to go to Grand for Christmasdinner. 

Saturday I hope for some time off, me and my camera. He is awful busy or is it me? Saturday I have volonteer to be a driver for Ellas class. They gonna do a perfomance at Stallbröderna.  

Some photowork coming up  in december. I hope.  

Here is my latest cover. Its taken at Arlanda Airport.  Landing lights or is it called runway lights? Perfect for a Paperplane record !

Landinglights is by the way a nice word.


Todays song : One more night with Maroon 5


It was a magic night last night, this is our frontyard . I was helping my lady neighbour shovel snow. At the end we where 3 neighbours shoveling for her. Good neighbour spirit. 


Feeling very humble and a little sad and in the same time very happy. Many emotions running in my veins. For many reasons. Anyway its deadly beautiful outside and I really wish I could take a day off for photographing outside. Feels like ”fjällen” have come to us instead for the otherway. The same feeling as in Sälen” this morning. This year no fjällen for Christmas wich is really boring. First time home in ages. 

 I have also continued learning CSS code and working on my homepage when there are some time left. 


Sitting here and trying to learn WP. Not that impressed as I can read that webdesigners are. Still very unlimited I think. Meantime I will go and learn more DreamWeaver thursday and friday. Have been to Fotomässan and again there are new things I want!! Studio kit and a new  Nikon camera. 

Got a wonderful word to my collection of words from a friend: Avalanche 

Todays song is Woodstock by Mattews Southern Comfort.

A really soft song that catch the feeling of the 60`s/70´s 

I wish I was at Woodstock. Unfortunatley I wasn´t born summer of 69´

500.000 people together for a weekend and saw :

Grateful Dead
Creedence C R
Janis Joplin
Jimi Hendrix
Jefferson Airplane
Joe Cocker
The Band
Johnny Winter
Blood Sweat `Tears
Crosby Still Nash `Young

and many more

And also I must say YEAH to Noomi Rapace for beeing in Rolling Stones new video.

She really Rocks!!  


Lazy day at home. 

Song of the day: Mad about you by  Hooverphonic 


Violet cancelled friday. Maybe next friday. Been to dinner in Bromma with our bookclub we started at Västkusten. First book was 50 shades. Well I was intoxicated of their passion. We had livley discussions about who will play Mr Grey in the movie among other discussions  Most expensive sold story Ive heard. 

Song of the evening: Double Nature by Mustasch 

50 shades 4 of 5 Lobsters 


Friday again. Maybe go to Copperfield a nice place at Fridhemsplan. To see a band Violet Days.

Song of the afternoon: Dolphins cry by Live 


Song of the evening: Nothing else matters with Metallica & Uncomfortably Numb with Graveyard


Tomorrow morning Im planning to go up a little erlier than I need, to catch the sunrise.  I know a beautiful place I pass every morning to my job. The haze lays over the farming lands out here where I live and I want to take pictures of the sun rises . Im not sure I will make it thought, early mornings are not exactly my prime time. Kidz are big and can go to shool on their own. YES. 

Right now Im listening to Tiny Tornado´s new album. Great songs!!  Cant wait to the single release 

Im so proud of M & J and its really a privilege to watch and hear them in the studio here at our  house. 

Release first single ” Paperplane” 19 th of November and the album in december. 

 (I shot both covers 🙂 

Songs of the evening: 

You aint seen anything yet by LMP Lisa Marie Presley ( the song grows!!) Im a little disappointed of her last album. Very dark . 

  • FF by Kent 
  • Chasing Tornadoes by Plan Three (very appropriated name for more than one reason if you followed..)
  • Dreams from Rumors by Fleetwood Mac (Again and again :-)) 

 Yep and there was another word to my collection : Haze 

They dont come often.. 


Beautiful words. Im collecting them. Here are some old and new: 





 Song of the evening: Light on by David Cook


Great band – Coverbandet


 Now party in Sollentuna! 

What should I chase today? Monsters?

Songs of the evening: Princess of the Dawn with Accept & Bark at the moon with Ozzy

Cant belive I found this the other day!!


Just a few lazy days left in this November Rain.  Been to Örebro with the kidz Örebro is a beautiful city. Will go back summertime. 

Seen Skyfall. The theme in begining is WOW as always. These are half of the movie! The movie could have been better I think. Mr Bond is no longer shakin N´stirred. Dark and no fun. New Moneypenny, Q and M. Thats good. I do agree with James that she was a bitch. No fun bitch. 

Tomorrow Saga is playing at Debaser. I really want to go but feel awful lazy. We´ll see 

Yesterday some monsters came at the door but we scared them away 🙂 Some spiders are still around  somewhere though. 

Also so f***** ajkddsj==%53fjfaskldjfl &&%44#”%% at DW. (Dreamfuckingweaver)  But I know I will win! 

Song of the day: Chasing Pirates by Norah  Jones


Godmorgon Världen

1week off. 

Song of the day: Chasing Cars with SnowPatrol 


Saturday night live. Food and wine with good friends. 

Jade and M are working on a new song while Im struggling with Dreamweaver. I really HATE to be a beginner of something. I could throw away the computer anytime!  

Was out this morning 09.00 !! at Hagaparken for some photoshoot with Tiny Tornado . Think it went well and there are some nice photos.  We where very frozen so the coffe at Koppartälten was really what we needed. Winter is here !



Song of the day: King´s Call by Phil Lynott

My dear friend Larsa Wallbom took this wonderful picture:Didn´t know Edsberg could be so beautiful!

Photo by: Larsa Wallbom


Lisa-Marie Presley coming to London!!! %6€ädk6&&### ? jävla skit.  Totally missed this – And now  I cannot go there because I already have plans that cant be changed. Not fair 🙁 

Some other nice concerts; Rival Sons but I have seen them, First Aid Kit, Dire Straits, Saga, Accept, Turbonegro, Melody Gardot, Marilyn Manson, Muse, The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Europe but have seen them too, Stone Sour, Ulf Lundell. Next Year 2013 Beth Hart Yes! , Iron Maiden

Last day of september have been ..um what should I say? hectic! 

Songs of the day: 

Pressure and Time by Rival Sons. 

Kings Call by Phil Lynott

Double Nature by Mustasch

One Headlight by The Wallflowers

Not supposed to sing the blues by Europe 



In to town for a photojob. This and last weekends job should be delivered on monday. When I was at Passagen there was a woman who asked if I could shoot her and her son. This is what I love with this job. You never know what will happen and it continuously happen new things. And I force my self to learn a lot of new things. This also have a great impact on my other job.  

I also got the new car! First thing I tested was that spotify worked with bluetooth and there it was on the screen. YES! 

Soon its October month and although I like this month I miss warm summer days with lunch outside. 


Stockholm August 2012

Song of the day: This world by Selah Sue. 


A sunset in Sweden. Maybe a little dark but I like the light and the heaven. (this is actually from Hamburgersund at Västkusten, where I will go beg of october to eat Hummer och Havskräftor!) 

I wrote about sunrises and sunsets at the Artic in another page before. Quite instresting and I really want to go there. The sunset takes 36 hours (- Imagine how many great pictures you can take) Then the POLARNIGHT starts. 6 weeks of TWILIGHT and after that total dark for 3 months. I wont be in these months thats for sure! The sunrise also takes 36 hours then a couple of weeks of DAWN. After this the sun shines continuosly for 3 months. Someday I will go! 

I  have sent application to Högskolan i Jönköping again. I didn´t make last time, only as reserve. I wont give up. (its only 7,5 points and its distance. I wont go back´n forward to JPg 🙂 

 Song of the day: Panama by Van Halen

Actually it would be great if they come to SRF next summer !! 


Within Temptation from Debaser 


Yeay got 2 more photo jobs. Please someone make 300 more minutes per day. I also went on courses InDesign and Photoshop. Really good. Soon we are going to Västkusten again. For our early ”skaldjursfrossa” And there are very nice to take pictures there, especially now in the autumn. Been struggling with music. I cannot find any new good. Although my friend Larsa helped me with Selah Sue. She is really great. And of course I have great music created at home. But I need more!! 


Todays Song: Princess of the dawn  by Accept 


Saw a band friday with 2 girls . They reminded me of The Sounds. A great band. Really want to see them. Sunday:  all is out and I can play music LOUD 🙂 

Song of the day: Better off dead by The Sounds  


Saturday morning. Nice to take it easy. Now Breakfast  No plans yet.  

Song of this morning: One of the best songs ever: Dream on with Aerosmith 


Learning by living. 

Song of the day: What you gonna do by Hinder


Its a rainy day today. Nice feeling at least when you are inside and hear the rain on the window/roof. A lazy afternoon in the sofa reading and also fixing with photos from yesterday and for a photojob to deliver next week.  

Yesterday I went to Sollentuna Rock & Blues Festival. Good weather and great bands. Met som good nice old friends there! Even though years went by it didn´t felt that long ago. Took pictures of the bands. Of course! 🙂 Treadstone Hellinor and Junkstars for mention some! Treadstone was really great!  Thank You Jonne for you doing this festival so great and having the driving force to do it.   

Song of the day: Blackheat with Demon …. :-).  


Some days are better than others. Just because. 

Song of the day:  Sound of silence with Simon & Garfunkel


Summer came and is now almost over. Have been in beautiful Thailand with family and good friends. Thank You Lena and Jonas. Been to Sweden Rock Festival. (I had great weather this year again!) Started up my photo company ”SuzanH Foto” and did some jobs already. Have a new job this weekend. 

Found 2 linses I want (of course always new MustHave) 10-20/2,8 and 18-300/3,5-5,6 So I need a couple of jobs. They are not cheap 🙁 Didn´t made it to the ”högskola” of Jönköping. Only got be reserv but I will go on a couple of other courses this autumn. InDesign, Photoshop, Adobe Flash, Dreamweaver I and II. Maybe will be enough anyway. I do have a fulltime job also beside 

SuzanH Foto.  

Next weekend there is a festival here in Stockholm, Stockholm Music and Arts.  Patty Smith, Emmilou Harris and Marianne Faithfull among others. Unfortunatley Amanda Jensen cancelled her show. I really want to go. Haven´t heard anything back from Lugers yet .  

By the end of August there is a festival in Sollentuna. Sollentuna Rock and Blues Festival. My hoods. Actually I know Jonne whos the General of the Festival. Make things a lot easier when it comes to take pictures. Im really curious of Treadstone. I think they might be great. So this was a little update of what Im doing. And if someone wonder of the fruit on front side. Its a Rambutan. Actually taste ok. 

Song of the day: Broken English by Marianne Faithfull. I played this song very much beg of the 80’s + Gimme Shelter by Rolling Stones just because Mick and Marianne was a couple. But already now when I write this it feels boring. So I chose Deadlihood by Sixx:AM instead. 

Yay , forgot  I took tattoopictures of Nathalie. Will maybe be in a tattoomagazine. But you can see here too: 



Thailand July 2012






Much things happens and some are good and some are bad. Im glad to have good people around me because there are some idiots out there! 

Have been to a festival. The first for this year. Huddingefestivalen. I saw Intermezzo and Europe. Intermezzos only gig. Well lets see about that  🙂 

Europe actually impressed me some. I cant say I listen to them but they where really great live. Joey had energy for 10 people. Its always fun to be surprised! 

Two weekends ago we spent 36 hours together with friends on Gotland. We had the most wonderful weather and I burned my nose big time! We where at our friends place ” Lickershams krogen” Beautiful place! And a very fun party! Thank You Karin and Jon! Next festival. SRF,  Sweden Rock Festival. I must go and shop rainclothes and fix a raincover for my poor camera. I must be prepared for icecold weather! But nothing stops me 🙂 I think. Yeah thats right I have started a business also! 






Cirkus 80s live. Magnum Bonum with Jan Johansen Attack Millas Mirakel Dan Hylander Mikael Rickfors Tone & John Norum 




Have been to Amsterdam for Job. Beautiful city ! I ate only top classic food. I want to go back!! Did not go to Redlight District, saved for next time. Instresting to shoot pictures there? I have also been on conserts with Straight Frank and Rival Sons. Straight Frank is a Swedish Rock band. Really great and even better live. Here are some pictures from both Holland and Debaser. 

Next concert will be Manfred Mann 🙂 I have also got photo pass for Sweden Rock this summer too.

There are so many great concerts. Treadstone will come to Sollentuna Festival ! Plan Three tonight but I have other plans. Simple Plan, Sherlock Brothers, InFlames, The Rasmus, Urban Cone dont know what that is but will check them out, Lenny Kravits, Tom Petty, Pearl Jam, Marillion, Toto, Kent, Lars Winnerbäck Coldplay and Nickelback  to mention some. Ozzy but I think I will skip him now when he is without the BAND. 



Song of the day. Lullaby & Trying not to love you with Nickelback


Feels like spring is here already. Have been skiing in Sälen with the family. +9 and sun. Couldn´t have been better weather. 




There have been soo much at my work so all my creativeness went down the drain 🙁 Need to find it again. Have been struggling with photoshop also. That is a part that can be fun but also so frustrating. I must find time to learn it better or what I really should do is to find someone that can teach me or hook up for a course.

I did a photoshoot with Janne.  

The other day below trio visited our house. Keep On Rockin´guys !

Hylander Rickfors och Ronander

I found this picture from my day with dad: I love you DAD!!


This is the cd cover: My 2nd cover!!

Todays song: I Want You by Mikael Rickfors.




"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere" Albert Einstein
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