Song of the day: Helt magiskt bra cover
One of a kind evening I need you as the heart needs a beat  
Ghosts already started to visit and hanging with the kidz in the house Reading Painting Eating Talking
He throws her kisses, she shares his wishes He is a king without a doubt When […]
Amazingly fun, to capture a moment, that is gone forever          
In so many ways The Beach, Fighting the waves in the ocean,  while swimming, The coctails, […]
Vaknar upp med en sån där underbar känsla,  Jag andas Ett år har gått, hösten och […]
Dark roads lead to beautiful destinations,  and they always find me  not matter what  
Body and mind collects Web of lies,  lingers You will spend a lifetime of regrets,  around […]
This is how you slow down the time  The Faster you move trough space  The slower […]
I cant walk straight I cant sit straight I cant see straight Come and play with […]
  Kvällens låtar: Desire & Smalltown Boy med Apollo Drive Ibland finns dem bara där att […]
"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere" Albert Einstein
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