On my way to work one morning this week I heard on the radio this guy that talked about Nasa having a projekt, Hundred Years Starship,  to send 4 people to Mars. To start create a human colony. And then send 2 people every other year. Maybe sounds like an adventure but the backside of the journey is that there are no returnticket! They will be having  many obsticles like, lack of gravity will weaken bone and mass in the body, exosure of cosmic rays, they also need to go to the poles and turn ice to water and turn the water to air. The poles have -90 nighttime so its not the best part of the planet to start the colony.  Icant imagine they can be out on the planet. Because of the sun? Maybe they must go to backside of the planet the whole time to avoid the sun? Or stay indoors for ever? What kind of life is that? 1 year on Mars is 689 days something. But the days are almost the same. Hows that working?


Who would really want to do this?

I have really wanted to go and see Beth Hart. And now I will. First time at Nalen. First 3 songs without flash is the rules almost always,  Yes, will be really fun. I missed her when she visited Stockholm last time. She did a gig with my friend Janne at Gerdas, the boat. He was the one who introduced her music to me. I think I have played her song Leave the light on a thousand times. its great! and her song with Slash Mother Maria is also great. Thank You Janne!

Im also trying to figure out if this new SDK card with WIFi what I need. Then I can send the photos direct to the computer. Will be what I need for my event job in february.

Todays song : Space Oddity by David Bowie

Major Tom is by the way a swedish band. Made the song Vatten från Månen. 🙂 Great song!


"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere" Albert Einstein
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