Gloaming  Cant come out of the gloaming light, caught in the strings of dark shades. Too […]
Golden Eagle I want to fly high like a golden eagle through the sky. See places […]
Midnight dust Sitting up on the moonroof, just over the city lights and underneath the stars, […]
Gravity holds me downLately it felt like a fucking mayhem coming towards her. The rage seems […]
Painting with true colors Storm, Dragons blood, Ocean, Jade and Sunset – my favorite color. I […]
Petrichor – the smell of rain Otroligt vad varmt det är! Även fast temperaturen sjunkit något […]
True Believers I want to lay down under the moonlight, under the stars, close my eyes […]
Darkness The darkest hour is just before dawn – So dark, so deep – the secrets […]
Dwindling daylight So it begins. Today is autumnal equinox.
Snow angel It only took a second, for you to look into my eyes, just a […]
Moon child Follow the pearls of passion and your dreams, trust your intuition.When you go dark, […]
Waves Missing you comes in waves – Tonight Im drowning
"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere" Albert Einstein
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