I got this new 4 h job in february. On Valentines day. Yeay! Its for an event company.

Just saw on fb that Demon is coming to Rockland in Sala. We where at Rockland some time ago.Gavelin had their first show ever. Its a nice place but I only remember the awful green light and the plastic palmtree on stage. uh. Green light is no good for photography. Make people look sick.

Still updating this website. I havent any photos yet. I havent decided how to show them? In a gallery or not. I really want this website to finshed so I can focus on other things.

Im not sure if I should have my blog here either. Maybe shoud be where it was on blogspot? This website is more of a business card.

Song of the day: A woman can change her mind by Jill Johnson (yes you are reading right) Never thought I put her here 🙂 Her latest cd is really great. And she looks great on the cover!


"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere" Albert Einstein
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