Gröna Lund this summer! White Snake – tomorrow, 3doorsDown, The Script, Pernilla Andersson, The tallest man on earth, Johnossi, Thirty second to Mars will all play at Gröna Lund. There is also Sollentuna festival and Väsby Festival around the corner.

I have also mange to almost crash my computer. I installed 2 RAM memories to be able to run the Adobe After effects but my Mac did not like it. He kept having panic attacks. Kernel panic attack. Due to the devices he didn´t like 🙁 I have now returned th memories and changed them to Kingston. Had to erase the comuter and install it again. Just hope I saved everything . Seems do work perfectly. So no more panic attacs Thank You very much.

Feel like this today




Song of the day: Jordan by Rival Sons


"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere" Albert Einstein
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