In the silent clouds, a story is told. The shapes of letters reflects in the river […]
He throws her kisses, she shares his wishes He is a king without a doubt When […]
Vaknar upp med en sån där underbar känsla,  Jag andas Ett år har gått, hösten och […]
Dark roads lead to beautiful destinations,  and they always find me  not matter what  
Body and mind collects Web of lies,  lingers You will spend a lifetime of regrets,  around […]
I cant walk straight I cant sit straight I cant see straight Come and play with […]
In dim light true shades hides, darkness conceals  The dreams whispers to your soul, build a […]
 I could taste the sadness in your tears dark shadows walking towards the light dissolves throw the […]
Om allting var lätt  Lika lätt som bubblor Ligga under en blå himmel med några slöjmoln  […]
No one can rescue me my soul is beyond redemption, that’s what Im told. So I´ll  pack […]
Look for the girl with the broken smile Someday she will learn to fly again