… Velvet curtains, beautiful masks and dark shadows. Cosmopolitans in the bar waiting. People whispering to each other in deep conversations while sipping their drinks. A couple dancing tight together. A piano player in the background working on a Jazz song by Duke Ellington. The air – thick of anticipation.

This could be one of so many nights we spent together in different places and cities over the years, she thought.

As she stood there in the bar waiting, the bartender gave her a note, and she suddenly remembered a note dropped in on a warm night in august. That kind of message that you do not send. The text was as black as wanta. Wanting the truth. But the truth held so much and so much more to reveal than she could to the woman. She couldn’t tell the complicated truth instead she used some smoke screens.

The note in her hand was of another sort and was beautiful handwritten with a clue where to go next, a clue to reveal next step of their thrilling evening. This time she could not figure out what was coming. She had to wipe away some blood from the lip with the back of the hand. She had bitten herself and now she had to hide what was happening to her and needed to move on before someone would reveal her true being.
Everything is false and everything is true but we know and has known for many years, or more like 1890 days and that is enough, she thought while stepping out from the bar out into the night meeting her vampire soulmate…


"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere" Albert Einstein
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