Queen of the underground

Jag tror inte nån förstår hur bra Rolling Stones är. Punkt.

Jo kanske några..

The Glimmer twins, sounds as good as they are.

I truly believe I would have made a great appearance and would had a lot of fun in the sixties beginning and middle of the 70ties. So much great music made. Going down the boulevard with Tony with his new shining shoes on his way to the discotheque, or maybe me taking him to Studio 54 on a Saturday night. Maybe the best of all take a lunch on the Enterprise and a space walk for some fresh air and coffee. Luke may buy me a drink at one of the many strange bars in the galactic. Or dancing my night away with Lea. But most of all I would carrying Keith´s non existing luggage and instead follow him into his fog of smoke and drinks, mainly Jack´s, between messy bars listening to cool underground musicians. For fashion and design I think the 50ties was really awesome. I could really start smoke or drink some cocktails in the beautiful office daytime, between signing big agreements in marketing advertising agencies, doing great creative marketing plans as in the Mad Men.
There is an upcoming exhibition about Sweden in the 20ties. I will absolutely see it! Super excited to see whats it about!

Thinking of her, Anita, The Queen of the underground, Rolling with the Stones. Would love to have spent an evening and night with her, partying our pants off.


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