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Just precis nu kände jag för att skriva på svenska. Hösten är här och regnet med den och som vanligt älskar jag denna tid på året, också. Ser framemot Fleetwood Mac 23 oktober

Fotomässan 22-24 November skall jag också gå på. Skall se om jag kan köpa det blixtpaketet som jag tittat på underlängre tid. Ett litet blixtaggregat som knappt väger någonting och lite blixtar softboxar mm


Dagens låt: The moon and the sky med Sade

Gröna Lund

Gröna Lund this summer! White Snake – tomorrow, 3doorsDown, The Script, Pernilla Andersson, The tallest man on earth, Johnossi, Thirty second to Mars will all play at Gröna Lund. There is also Sollentuna festival and Väsby Festival around the corner.

I have also mange to almost crash my computer. I installed 2 RAM memories to be able to run the Adobe After effects but my Mac did not like it. He kept having panic attacks. Kernel panic attack. Due to the devices he didn´t like 🙁 I have now returned th memories and changed them to Kingston. Had to erase the comuter and install it again. Just hope I saved everything . Seems do work perfectly. So no more panic attacs Thank You very much.

Feel like this today




Song of the day: Jordan by Rival Sons

År 1971

Summer is finally here. Fascinated every year how nature go from beautiful in winter and kind of ugly for a while before beautiful summer starts. I

t always feel so nice when they sweep the streets! Everyday Luxury. More everyday luxury. A towel on the floor  when you step out from the shower.

I will come back with more evertdayluxury.   Bon Jovi is coming to town. Maybe I should drag me downtown to Stadion?

Have always liked music it seems

Song of the evening : Sticking to old  Bon Jovi – Love Lies



Saw this movie SoundCity a whileago. Great documentary with Dave Grohl. I really like that guy. He seems so nice for real. My favorite Stevie Nicks and a lot of other people participated –  Paul McCartney was kind of cheesy..- i will not cut you some slack.

Spring is finally here even if its raining instead. Tried some gardening but took a coffebreak instead.

Have not been shooting anything lately wich feels really boring and I hope to find time and energy for it.

Todays 3 songs:

From can to can´t with Corey Taylor etc from SoundCity (Interesting to listen to the whole album, but Mr McCartney)

These days by Foo Fighters

Kryptonite by 3DoorsDown

I will never let the monsters in.

Story Hotel

Went to a great place in town. Story Hotel. Cool place to hang. Great food. Tiny Tornado had their release of their new album there. There was this American guy working there as a Mood Manager. Thats a new jobtitle I havent heard of.

A new song from that evening: Lady by Chromatics & Ghost town by Tiny Tornado

Tinys Cover of the Album with my photo


23 Oct

Yes!!! Fleetwood Mac is coming to Stockholm in October!! I´ll be there!

Song of the evening: Anastasia by Slash/Myles Kennedy 


 Ricky Warwick / Thin Lizzy Sweden Rock 2011 . They are working on a new album after 29 years..but will not be released as a Thin Lizzy album. Due to respect of Phil Lynott. Heavy legacy to play in that band!

Im curious, when is it coming?


År 1972

Saturday, means do what you want. Beautiful winterweather. Wine, good food and Merlin with Daniel. Some job in photoshop and indesign to do but that could wait until tomorrow.

Life is good.

Song of the evening: Tumbling Dice by Rolling Stones 1972

The year was 1972 me as a sunshine. I guess my grandfather wanted me off the car and I wanted to stay.



 Photo by my loving grandfather Folke Johansson